X-Men Regenesis Teaser Images Post Schism

X-Men Regenesis Images

Marvel has been releasing teaser images for the upcoming X-Men Regenesis revamp of the X books following the events of Schism with some revamped comics and some old faces.

X-Men Regenesis will follow the aftermath of the Schism storyline that sees a huge rift in the X-Men team with Wolverine and Cyclops turning on each other, this is where the battle line will be drawn as all the remaining heroes choose their sides and who they are most loyal too.  The X-Men Regenesis teasers take a look the covers of future titles from the X-Men and give us a sneak peak at the state of the books post Schism, it also lets us know that the Wolverine and the X-Men and Uncanny X-Men titles will be relaunched at #1.  What’s also interesting is the two distinctive Yellow and Blue colours that could suggest different allegiances in each title, check them out.


Regenesis – Uncanny X-Men #1 November 2011

x-men regenesis teaser image 1

Regenesis – Wolverine and the X-Men #1 October 2011


x-men regenesis wolverine

Regenesis – Generation Hope #13 November 2011

Interestingly this teasers focus for Generation Hope is actually Sebastian Shaw, long-time X-men villain and leader of the Hellfire club.  Is Sebastian Shaw now a reformed X-man?

x-men regenesis Sebastian Shaw


Regenesis – X-Men Legacy #259 November 2011


x-men regenesis Rogue


Regenesis – X-men #20 November 2011

x-men regenesis Jubilee

Regenesis – Uncanny X-Force #19 December

The post Schism Uncanny X-Force reveals that Nightcrawler will be joining the covert team and by looks of the image here it will be the age of Apocalypse incarnation rather than the recently deceased normal reality Kurt.  Also by the looks of the silhouettes the Regenesis Nightcrawler will be joined by Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex.

x-men regenesis nightcrawler

We will bring you further updates as they are revealed.

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