The New Back to the Future Video Game from Telltale

back to the future game

Its official folks, Telltale games are currently developing a Back to the future video game based on the classic movies.  News of the video game coincides with this years’ 25th anniversary of the first film, which has sprung a host related events and theatrical screenings of the original films.

The Back to the future game will feature the likenesses of both Michael J Fox’s Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyds Doc Brown, with Lloyd even providing his voice for the video game character himself, at present it is unclear if Fox will be providing his vocals.

Telltale have brought us games such as Sam and Max and will be working with the original writer of the Back to the Future screen plays (Bob Gale) to develop the plot for the game. Details are still scarce on exactly what the game will be about but Telltale have confirmed that additional characters from the film will be appearing as will the legendary DeLorean.

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