The Avengers Film First Trailer and Footage

The Avengers Trailer

With 4-5 years of some great Marvel films and each with an after credits sneak peak scene giving us some information on the forth coming SuperHero smashdown we have finally got our first glimpse of footage from The Avengers movie.


It started with Iron Man and The Hulk, then went on to Thor and Captain America now come May 2012 our favourite Marvel movie superheroes will be joining forces to take on a threat that no single hero can handle.  If you havent learnt by now, you should definitely be waiting out the credits roll in all of Marvel’s movies to get a sneak peak and hint at their upcoming SuperHero team up movie. In Iron Man we were given our first look at Samuel Jacksons Nick Fury and Thors Hammer, in Thor we got to see the cosmic cube and Loki giving us a hint of what to expect from villains in the Avengers and now in Captain America we finally get to see some footage from the actual Avengers movie.


It isnt much but what do you expect from a first teaser?  The footage shows Steve Rogers running through Time Square and being approached by Nick Fury who then tells him he has been asleep for the past 70 years, what follows is some footage of our superhero team assembled with some cool looking costume updates, check it out here.


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