Spiderman the Musical Characters and Video

spiderman musical turn off the darkYou’ve probably heard of the upcoming broadway Spiderman musical titled ‘Spider man Turn Off the Dark’, if you haven’t then there’s a new musical hitting theatres today based on Marvel comics massively popular superhero Spiderman and we’ve got new videos and character promos.

The musical is directed by Julie Taymor who also directed the smash hit The Lion King with music and lyrics from none other than Bono and the Edge from U2

Two TV spots promoting the show and giving us all a taster of what its all about have hit the web with some great shots of villains Kraven the Hunter, The Green Goblin and Carnage aswell as some fantastic previews of the high flying stunts and webslinging that can be expected throughout the performance, check the Spider man Musical Characters and TV Spots here.

Spider-man the musical Video

Spider-man Turn off the dark Video TV Spot

Spider-Man the musical Kraven the Hunter

spider man musical kraven the hunter

Spider-Man the musical The Green Goblin

spiderman musical green goblin
Spider-Man the musical Carnage

spiderman musical carnage

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