Spiderman and Wesker join Marvel VS Capcom 3

Wesker Marvel VS Capcom 3

Its been a busy two weeks for the Marvel VS Capcom 3 team, first the announcement of Tron Bonne and then Wolverine’s younger female clone X-23 and now both Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series and old favourite Spiderman.

The new character reveals come on the first public day of the Tokyo Game show, which is held annually in Japan. Spiderman whom previously featured in the past two MVC games makes a welcome return seemingly retaining many of his original moves and specials.  Wesker joins the arena bringing the ability to counter hyper moves, teleportation powers and a rather large giant missile.  Check out their showcase videos below.

Wesker Marvel VS Capcom 3

Spiderman Marvel VS Capcom 3

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