New Thundercats 2011 Cartoon Trailer Unleashed

Thundercats 2011

For all those eagerly awaiting news of the much anticipated Thundercats remake for 2011, well Cartoon Network have decided to air the first promo trailer without even bothering to tell anyone.

You may remember the awesome new Thundercats images we brought you back in January,well now Cartoon Network has aired the first promo trailer for the new cartoon series, without any prior warning or promotion. The trailer aired on Friday night on the Cartoon Network and shows some awesome footage of the new anime style series which seems to have alot more basis on their home planet of Thundera. ┬áThe trailer gives us what we’ve all been waiting for, with some great action shots of Liono, Cheetara, Tygra, Wileykit and Wileykat, Snarf and even a quick sneak peak at ‘the ever living source of evil’ that is Mumm-ra (ooohh yeah).

The animation looks great, the characters have had a nice revamp but still stay true to their original counterparts and the whole feel gives a much more epic scale and depth to the series, check it out.

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