New The Amazing Spider-man Trailer

the amazing spider-man trailer


Marvel have released the first trailer for their upcoming reboot of the spider man franchise The Amazing Spider-man.

Although starting out slow by the end of the trailer we are treated to some fantastic visuals and some awesome looking first person web slinging.

The trailer shows the usual radioactive spider moments, DR Curt Connors laboratory who becomes the main antagonist of the film after his transformation into the Lizard, but whats interesting is the focus on Peter Parkers parents, usually the Spider-man origin story focuses on Peters’ Aunt May and Uncle Ben and his death at the hands of a thief that Peter could of stopped, with great power comes great responsibility. But the trailer shows footage of his parents leaving and Peter discovering some of their belongings, this could be a very interesting twist on the standard story especially as Richard and Mary Parker were CIA agents.

The Amazing Spider man is due out on the 3rd of July 2012, we will bring you more updates as they are announced.

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