Marvel vs Capcom 3 Release Date Announced

Marvel vs capcom 3 release date

We’ve seen alot of character reveals, alot of cool looking FMV’s and even alot of in game action but the time we have all been waiting for is in sight Marvel vs Capcom 3, Fate of Two Worlds has a release date.

The newest game in the Marvel VS Capcom series will be hitting shelves on February 15th 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, yes you heard me that’s less than 3 months away and I’m excited.  Marvel and Capcom released the good news yesterday.

Marvel have also announced a Special Edition that will be available on release that will feature 4 art cards, a 48-page art and comic book, a subscription to Marvel’s online Digital Comics Unlimited and two new DLC characters Marvel’s Shuma Gorath and Capcom’s Jill Valentine of Resident Evil fame, although both characters will also be available 4 weeks after the release as downloadable content for the rest of us.

To mark the announcement Marvel and Capcom have also announced two new characters available from the get go, She-Hulk and Capcom’s Zero from Mega Man. Check out their highlight reels below.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 She-Hulk

Marvel VS Capcom 3 Zero

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