Marvel The 5 Ronin Comic Covers from David Aja

Marvel 5 Ronin

Marvel has unveiled a first look at the variant comic covers from David Aja to its upcoming series 5 Ronin featuring Wolverine, the Punisher, Psylocke, Deadpool and Hulk, Marvel’s most deadliest warriors as masterless samurai in feudal Japan.

Marvel’s 5 Ronin is a miniseries set to hit comic shop shelves in March 2011 and takes five popular and awesome Marvel heroes Wolverine, the Punisher, Psylocke, Deadpool and Hulk and chucks them into the middle of feudal Japan as masterless samurai warriors walking the lonely path of revenge.

These particular variant covers come from the creative mind of artist David Aja while the pages have been written by Peter Milligan with regular artwork by Laurence Campbell, Leandro Fernandez, Dalibor Talajic, Tomm Coker and Goran Parlov. These covers look AWESOME.

Wolverine 5 Ronin Variant Marvel Cover

marvel wolverine 5 ronin variant

The Punisher 5 Ronin Variant Marvel Cover

marvel punisher 5 ronin variant cover

Deadpool 5 Ronin Variant Marvel Cover

marvel deadpool 5 ronin variant cover

Hulk 5 Ronin Variant Marvel Cover

marvel hulk 5 ronin variant cover

Psylocke 5 Ronin Variant Marvel Cover

marvel Psylocke 5 ronin variant cover

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