Marvel “Fear Itself” Event Revealed

Marvel Fear Itself

For the past two weeks Marvel have been teasing a new event under the tagline Marvel do you fear releasing teaser images every few days of some of Marvel’s biggest characters coming up against their greatest fears, now via a live press conference Marvel have revealed “Fear Itself”.

Via the live press conference some of Marvel’s top dogs revealed their latest company wide event, a seven part miniseries called “Fear Itself”.  Marvel’s Fear Itself will kick off in March and will be written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Stuart Immonen.

Details are still thin as to the actual story but Tom Brevoort, Vice President Executive Editor, has claimed that the series will be ‘as ambitious as Civil War’ and feature Dracula, who’s been featuring in recent X-Men comics and the son of Ares, Phobos who possesses fear-based powers.


Details have been revealed that ‘Fear Itself’ started out as a Captain America and Thor crossover, but will expand across the marvel universe. The story will see the Norse god of fear freed from captivity by Caps nemesis the new Red Skull, the god of fear then uses the fears of the marvel planet to power his quest for Odin’s throne.  Watch out for more updates as they come.

Check out Marvel’s Fear promo videos below and check out all the original “Do You fear…” teaser images here


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