First look at The Red Skull Hugo Weaving

captain america red skull 2011

Check out the first official promo shot of Hugo Weaving’s The Red Skull in upcoming Super Hero blockbuster Captain America.

We got our first brief glimpse of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull in the Captain America trailer last month, although very briefly, but here he is in all his Nazi and Hydra glory and he looks awesome. ┬áThe Red Skull plays Captain America’s nemesis in this summers 2011 blockbuster Captain America The First Avenger, he is Hitler’s head of advanced Weaponry and leader of the evil organisation known as HYDRA. (Check out his bad ass HYDRA belt buckle).

Alongside Hug Weaving Captain America stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Cap himself, Sebastian Stan as his trusty sidekick Bucky Barnes and Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Chester Phillips.

Captain America The First Avenger will be hitting theatres in July.

Red Skull Hugo Weaving

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