Duke Nukem Forever is coming 2011 – Gameplay video

Duke Nukem Forever video

Its been 13 years since Duke Nukem last graced our video game screens, but finally after much waiting many set-backs and annoying conflicts its finally official, Duke Nukem Forever the next game in the Duke Nukem series is coming in 2011.

2K games announced ahead of the Penny Arcade Expo PAX  2010 this month that GearBox Software the game developers that brought us Borderlands have taken the reigns of the project from where 3D realms left off and are currently working on the title for a 2011 release.

The development of DNF has been hit by set back after set back, originally the game was set to work off the original Quake engine back in 1997, it then moved onto the Unreal engine for release between 1998 and 2002. Due to lack of development the game was pushed back further, in 2007 funding dried up and created further delays, in  2009 the team working on the title were fired and 3D realms downsized.  But lets put all that behind us because Gearbox software and looking to take Duke Nukem forward and we even have some gameplay footage from PAX 2010 and ill tell you know its looks awesome.  Duke Nukem is back and he’s as badass as ever, check it out!!!!

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