Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The first trailer to Batman the Dark Knight Rises has leaked online, check it out before its too late.

The official first teaser trailer to Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman film will be airing before the forth coming final Harry Potter film, but if you want an early glimpse check it out.


The trailer starts off as a kind of montage with clips from the previous two films before cutting to Gordon looking a little worse for wear in a hospital bed.  He is talking to a character off screen and begging for the return of Batman and then Bane is revealed.  Batman the Dark Knight Rises is dues out in July 2012, subscribe to our feed for clearer footage as it becomes available.

Bane Dark knight Rises trailer

Dark knight rises trailer Gary OldmanBatman face to face with Bane - Dark Knight Rises trailer


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