Bleach Bankai – Characters and Captains and their Bankai releases


In the world of the Bleach Anime and Manga each Shinigami possesses a Zanpakuto, a sword that they can draw tremendous power from.  A Shinigami’s sword has stages at which different levels of power can be harnessed and the final stage at which their ultimate power and technique can be released is known as Bankai. Check out this list of all the characters and their Bankai releases.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Substitute Shinigami

Ichigo’s Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu

Ichigo kurosaki bankai

Renji Abarai

Lieutenant of the 6th Division

Renji’s Bankai: Zabimaru

Renji Abarai Bankai

Kuchiki Byakuya

Captain of the 6th Division

Byakuya’s Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

Kuchiki Byakuya Bankai

Sajin Komamura

Captain of the 7th Division

Komamura’s Bankai:  Kokujō Tengen Myō’ōSajin-Komamura-Bankai

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Captain of the 10th division

Hitsugaya’s  Bankai: Daiguren HyōrinmaruToshiro-Hitsugaya-bankai

Ikkaku Madarame

3rd seat of the 11th division

Ikkaku’s Bankai: Ryūmon Hōzukimaru


Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Captain of the 12th divison – head of Research and Development department

Mayuri’s Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō


Kaname Tosen

Ex Capatain of the 9th division – Commander of the Arrancar army

Tosen’s Bankai: Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi



Captain of the 2nd division – Commander of the Onmitsukidō corps

Soifon’s Bankai: Jakuhō Raikōben

Soifon - Bankai

Shunsui Kyoraku

Captain of the 8th division

Kyoraku’s Bankai: Currently unknown

Shunsui-Kyoraku - Bankai

Jushiro Ukitake

Captain of the 13th division

Ukitake’s Bankai: Currently unknownJushiro-Ukitake - Bankai

Retsu Unohana

Captain of the 4th Division

Unohana’s Bankai: Currently unknownRetsu-Unohana - Bankai

Sosuke Aizen

Ex Captain of the 5th Division – Leader of the Arrancar army

Aizen’s Bankai: Currently unknown


Gin Ichimaru

Captain of the 3rd Division – Commander of the Arrancar army

Gin’s Bankai: Kamishini no Yari


Kisuke Urahara

Ex Captain of the 12th Division – Research & Development Institute Founder

Urahara’s Bankai: Currently unknown

Urahara Bankai

Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai

Captain of the 1st Division – Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 (The 13 Court Guards)

Yamamoto’s Bankai: Currently unknownShigekuni-Yamamoto-Genryusai - Bankai

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