Batman Arkham City Preview Video

batman arkham city

Footage of Batman Arkham City has aired across the web, in which we find Batman being hunted by a team of heavily armoured figures, and it looks awesome!!!!

This teaser footage for the massively popular Batman: Arkham Asylum, comes the week leading up to the Spike TV Video Game Awards (2009’s show was where Batman: Arkham City was first revealed), so expect some big announcements and content this weekend at the show.

Batman Arkham City takes place one year after Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp the Arkham Asylum warden is now mayor of Gotham City, after taking credit for restoring order and taking down the Joker.  A large section of Gotham City’s slum have been converted into a prison complex to house inmates, the perimeter is patrolled by a private military contractor group Tyger (potentially the guys in the new Batman video) creating “Arkham City”.

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